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The attributes of each item are a good way for our wear to get twice the result with half the effort. This time we will talk about the bucket hat, the bucket hat worn by the Irish farmers and fishermen in the 1920s. Until Coco Chanel used elegant bucket hat to match with a little black dress and a pearl necklace, this classic fashion piece has realized a qualitative transformation. In recent years, both trendy street brands and fashion brands have spent a lot of effort on the bucket hat. Without regard to the brands, we should choose the best for our own.

There are a lot of bucket hats which differ in colors, styles and materials. We should match it with our clothing based on our overlook style. Now I would like to introduce a few simple tips to you about matching a bucket hat with your clothes.  

Generally speaking, the crown of bucket hat is relatively deep, and the brim is short, so it is more suitable for people who have long faces. Bucket hats are not like other hats, it is a versatile hat that is suitable for everyone, with no age, gender, and season limitation. As an everyday headwear, we need to carefully think how we match it with our clothes. After all, a nice bucket hat not only shows the trend but also makes the finishing point to your outfits.

  • Avoiding collocating with outdoor items

Since you want to draw a line from the “ugly”, the first thing to note is that you should not be influenced by the outdoor temperament of the bucket hat. Once you are controlled, no matter how delicate the design of a bucket hat, you will eventually be considered a fashion terminator. Therefore, if you are not sure about your clothes, you must not mix them with outdoor sports clothing that is too casual. Otherwise, your collocation will be like a “dark cooking”.

The so-called urban sense is the expression of dense urban breath in the dressing mix. If you want to get the most of urban fashion, you may look at the websites and blogs about the street snaps.

  • Be alert to wear as the elderly

Bucket hats are also the hot items that can often be seen in the elderly clothing stores on the street. Therefore, it is difficult not to associate the bucket hat with the impression of the elderly. So how can we subvert this image and wear a stylish hat? In fact, it is very simple, just to be a young person.

Young person here is not to stratify the bucket hats in terms of age. In fact, just keep young mindset so that you can pair it with your clothes which are full of fun and exquisiteness.

  • Dress for formal occasions

Due to the soft texture of bucket hats, it can be folded at will. Compared with the wide-brim wool felt hat, the bucket hat can bring a kind of casual sense, you can become a street hipster instantly even in formal dresses or heavy winter coats,

These tips are intended to help you choose a proper bucket hat that can be easily paired with your everyday casual wear even in formal wear.

Bucket hat, as a trend-setting item with a very high rate of appearance, is an indispensable accessory for most people’s daily travels. The material of bucket hat itself is soft, and it can be folded and put into the bag. If this goes for a long time, the bucket hat will be out of shape. So how can the bucket hat recover from its distortion?

The deformation of the bucket hat is mainly exists in three cases:

1. Wearing it for a long time causes its deformation

Because of the narrow brim and deep inside of the hat, and the shape of the hat when it is worn, people tend to pull the brim of very low, so the hat will be gradually out of shape. In this case, we can wet the hat with the right amount of water, fill it with newspapers when the hat is wet, then wait until it is completely dry before moving to the other side, and then wash the hat and hang it up.

2. Packable feature causes its deformation

Most of the bucket hats are made of soft materials, so they have an advantage that no other hats are available: you can fold them up and put them in your bag when you don't wear it, or bring a few bucket hats and put them in your luggage when you go on trips. The shape of the hat may be deformed during this process. It is quite simple to use a hat stand to extend the original shape of the hat. If there is no hat tree, the following method can be used instead of the hat stand, and makes the deformed hat recover its original shape. The method is very simple, just using some newspapers to pinch into a sphere. Then adjust the buckle of the hat to the size you usually wear, and then put the newspaper into the hat. Leave it for more than 24 hours. The hat will recover the shape.

3. Deformation of the hat’s brim

The wide brim of bucket hats can be rolled up to make different shapes. Therefore, the hat’s brim will be out of shape that cannot recover by itself. The common deformation of the brim of the hat does not need to be completely soaked; the best method is to spray a little water on the surface of the hat, then iron it and dry it in a ventilated place.

After learning how to recover the shape of the hat, you also need to know how to prevent the deformation of your beloved bucket hats.

Each bucket hat has its own fixed shape. When you are not wearing your hat, you should put the hat in a box of the right size and try to avoid it being folded. Remember to keep it in a dry place so that to prevent moisture from damaging the shape of the bucket hat. If you have a lot of hats, you can put them on the hat stand. Putting the hardest hat on the bottom, and the softer is on the top.

The bucket hat can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. Unfortunately, they are often difficult to clean, especially if they are made of hand-knitted wool. Washing your hats by hand is the safest way. Do not try to use machine to wash the bucket hat. The bucket hat has a wide and deep brim. Using machine to wash the bucket hat will cause severe deformation of the hat. It is best to use cold water to wash, not with hot or warm water, which may cause the hat to shrink.

In order to keep a fabric fashion bucket hat look as good as before, it is best to use a soft brush or a lint roller to remove dust and fluff. Gently brush around the hat with the nap of the brush, taking care not to damage the decorative accessories on bucket hats. If it is possible, you can remove these ribbons or flowers decorations to make it easier to brush your hat. If the decoration is not removable, use a hair dryer on cold/low to blow away the dust from the flowers and complex areas. The soft brush can wash the hat more carefully and will not cause damage to the hat.

Bucket hats are made of several materials, such as cotton, wool, patent leather and velvet. For different materials of bucket hats, there are different ways to wash the hat. The wool bucket hat can be washed by hand with mild wool cleaner. Simply adding a small amount of wool detergent to lukewarm water. Immerse the hat in water and soak it for five to ten minutes. Shake the hat around (do not wring) and rinse it until no foam are seen.

For patent leather bucket hats, use leather cleaner to remove stains and odor. The patent leather bucket hats with smooth surface make them have a good waterproof function. The cleaning of the hat is simply by using a wet towel to wipe the dust, or you can spray water then dry it.

Most bucket hats are made of cotton or nylon, which means it is easy to be washed by your hand. If you want to wash more than one hat, you can use a large plastic basin to keep the hats submerged. Remember do not mix the discolored hats together. Check if the hat has bleeding colors when the hat is still wet. You may notice that the dye spreads out in the water. If there is no any bleeding colors or discoloration, you can put your hats in a basin and soak them. Then wash them one by one.

After you have finished washing the hat, the last step is to dry it. Gently squeeze the excess water on the hat by your hand, place the hat on a clean towel and continue tapping it until it is not dripping. Don't screw or twist the hat, this will deform your hat’s original shape or wrinkle it.

If you want the hat to dry quickly, you can blow it with a fan or a hair dryer on cold/low temperature. Never blow it with hot air. Otherwise, it will shrink. Similarly, the hat should not be placed in direct sunlight, let the hat dry naturally, and then put the hat on a hat stand. If you don't have a hat stand, use a newspaper to fill in your hat and keep it in good shape.