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Cleaning of Bucket Hats

The bucket hat can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. Unfortunately, they are often difficult to clean, especially if they are made of hand-knitted wool. Washing your hats by hand is the safest way. Do not try to use machine to wash the bucket hat. The bucket hat has a wide and deep brim. Using machine to wash the bucket hat will cause severe deformation of the hat. It is best to use cold water to wash, not with hot or warm water, which may cause the hat to shrink.

In order to keep a fabric fashion bucket hat look as good as before, it is best to use a soft brush or a lint roller to remove dust and fluff. Gently brush around the hat with the nap of the brush, taking care not to damage the decorative accessories on bucket hats. If it is possible, you can remove these ribbons or flowers decorations to make it easier to brush your hat. If the decoration is not removable, use a hair dryer on cold/low to blow away the dust from the flowers and complex areas. The soft brush can wash the hat more carefully and will not cause damage to the hat.

Bucket hats are made of several materials, such as cotton, wool, patent leather and velvet. For different materials of bucket hats, there are different ways to wash the hat. The wool bucket hat can be washed by hand with mild wool cleaner. Simply adding a small amount of wool detergent to lukewarm water. Immerse the hat in water and soak it for five to ten minutes. Shake the hat around (do not wring) and rinse it until no foam are seen.

For patent leather bucket hats, use leather cleaner to remove stains and odor. The patent leather bucket hats with smooth surface make them have a good waterproof function. The cleaning of the hat is simply by using a wet towel to wipe the dust, or you can spray water then dry it.

Most bucket hats are made of cotton or nylon, which means it is easy to be washed by your hand. If you want to wash more than one hat, you can use a large plastic basin to keep the hats submerged. Remember do not mix the discolored hats together. Check if the hat has bleeding colors when the hat is still wet. You may notice that the dye spreads out in the water. If there is no any bleeding colors or discoloration, you can put your hats in a basin and soak them. Then wash them one by one.

After you have finished washing the hat, the last step is to dry it. Gently squeeze the excess water on the hat by your hand, place the hat on a clean towel and continue tapping it until it is not dripping. Don't screw or twist the hat, this will deform your hat’s original shape or wrinkle it.

If you want the hat to dry quickly, you can blow it with a fan or a hair dryer on cold/low temperature. Never blow it with hot air. Otherwise, it will shrink. Similarly, the hat should not be placed in direct sunlight, let the hat dry naturally, and then put the hat on a hat stand. If you don't have a hat stand, use a newspaper to fill in your hat and keep it in good shape.

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