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How to Keep Your Bucket Hats?

Bucket hat, as a trend-setting item with a very high rate of appearance, is an indispensable accessory for most people’s daily travels. The material of bucket hat itself is soft, and it can be folded and put into the bag. If this goes for a long time, the bucket hat will be out of shape. So how can the bucket hat recover from its distortion?

The deformation of the bucket hat is mainly exists in three cases:

1. Wearing it for a long time causes its deformation

Because of the narrow brim and deep inside of the hat, and the shape of the hat when it is worn, people tend to pull the brim of very low, so the hat will be gradually out of shape. In this case, we can wet the hat with the right amount of water, fill it with newspapers when the hat is wet, then wait until it is completely dry before moving to the other side, and then wash the hat and hang it up.

2. Packable feature causes its deformation

Most of the bucket hats are made of soft materials, so they have an advantage that no other hats are available: you can fold them up and put them in your bag when you don't wear it, or bring a few bucket hats and put them in your luggage when you go on trips. The shape of the hat may be deformed during this process. It is quite simple to use a hat stand to extend the original shape of the hat. If there is no hat tree, the following method can be used instead of the hat stand, and makes the deformed hat recover its original shape. The method is very simple, just using some newspapers to pinch into a sphere. Then adjust the buckle of the hat to the size you usually wear, and then put the newspaper into the hat. Leave it for more than 24 hours. The hat will recover the shape.

3. Deformation of the hat’s brim

The wide brim of bucket hats can be rolled up to make different shapes. Therefore, the hat’s brim will be out of shape that cannot recover by itself. The common deformation of the brim of the hat does not need to be completely soaked; the best method is to spray a little water on the surface of the hat, then iron it and dry it in a ventilated place.

After learning how to recover the shape of the hat, you also need to know how to prevent the deformation of your beloved bucket hats.

Each bucket hat has its own fixed shape. When you are not wearing your hat, you should put the hat in a box of the right size and try to avoid it being folded. Remember to keep it in a dry place so that to prevent moisture from damaging the shape of the bucket hat. If you have a lot of hats, you can put them on the hat stand. Putting the hardest hat on the bottom, and the softer is on the top.

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