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Vintage Women’s Hats

The heyday of tea party hats for women was in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, while women wore the large picture hats to take part in tea parties. The large hat trend had revived in the 1940s, when the oversized sun hats and flowers were frequently used on perch hats from the 1950s. The trend of wearing hats on tea parties has a long history, and people have been looking for the inspiration from it for many decades.  

These large hats were called picture hats or Gainsborough hats. The brim was shaped by wire, and the high crown was piled with exotic feathers, big silk flowers, and stiff ribbons. Women wore the hats gracefully, perched on the head with long and sharp hat-pins to keep them steady. To keep the hat balanced, women had to walk smoothly with less head movements. There were some new activities, such as driving open cars, so that women wore veiled hats to avoid dust blowing on their faces. Gradually, people designed the smaller hats for driving.

In the 1940s and 1950s, men and women wore hats. Hats were not only fashion accessories, but also a mark of social status and hierarchy. Today, we wear hats mostly because of the climate or the weather. Hats were an essential until the 1960s. This changed due to the new trends dominated by youth, freshness and modernity. Since the late 1960s, fashion has turned to teenagers who were also the main inspiration and focus for fashion.

Many styles of hats were very popular during the 1940s and 1950s. A wide-brimmed sun hat was a classic headwear that not only protected the wearer from the sun but also made them look great at the same time. Of course, women didn’t just wear wide-brimmed hats on the beach. Some of them wore large hats to match their outfits, plus with gloves and jewelry. Hats had decorations in some way to enhance the design. Vintage women’s hats were decorated with ribbons, fabric bows, paper flowers and silk flowers. They all looked great!

Back in the 1920s, both men and women wore visors during sports activities. There was a movie ‘The Women’ directed by George Cukor, which includes a fashion show segment. At the beginning of the movie, there were two women playing tennis, one of them wearing stylish visor. Though the visor cannot protect the head or back of the neck from the sun, still it keeps the sun’s glare out of the eyes. Visors may not be the first choice for vintage style outfits, but they were worn in the early decades of the 20th century.

Since the typical sun hat was usually of a natural beige straw color, the darker color tone may be more dramatic than the natural one. A wide-brimmed black sun hat looked great with a white or cream 1950s style skirt, and even looked better with accessories like handbags and pair of gloves.

Hats as an accessory that many fashionable people like to wear them in summer. Summer sun hats like bucket hat, straw hat and fedora hat are all popular hats for summer.

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