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The Prevalence of the Bucket Hat

When it comes to fashion, aesthetics plays an important role. However, many fashion pieces of items have a lasting impact because they are not only fashionable but also functional. One such item was the bucket hat.  

Bucket hats appeared in the early 20th century in Ireland as a way to protect farmers and fishermen from the sun and the rain, and other elements. A downwardly sloping brim helped protect the wearer from the sun’s rays and blocked the rain out of their eyes. The original bucket hat was made of raw wool with waterproof lanolin. They were easy to clean and you could fold them and pack them into your pockets, which made them very portable.  

Over several decades, the hat became a standard issue for the military during the Second World War and the Vietnam War. These hats were made of olive cotton and for camouflage and used to protect soldiers’ heads and necks. Lightweight bucket hats provide more relief from the heat than the traditional wool alternatives because troops were stationed in jungles.

Although the bucket hat has been a functional accessory for many years, it was not fashionable until the 1960s. The new bucket hat was constructed of felt and other stiff fabrics to maintain the unique aesthetics of women’s hats. However, traditional tweed fabrics were still popular among men’s hats throughout the 1970s.

In the 1980s, the hat became the headpiece for rappers in the hip-hop community. Many rappers wore this style of hat on both music videos and album covers. Although it was very popular among rappers, the bucket hat has never gained the fame of other hats. Some people think that the lack of popularity of hats is related to the roots of utilitarianism. Others believe that its connection to characters such as Bob Denver in the TV show "Gilligan’s Island" has influenced the hats that people generally think.  

However, despite not being considered high fashion, the bucket hat is still a fashion choice for many hipsters and celebrities, even appearing on the runway from time to time. Over the past decade, some designers have tried to reinvigorate the hat by creating variations on the old design, including bringing the hat back to its functional and waterproof roots. In addition, they have found a niche market in the hands of professional archers, because the flexible brim of the hat are ideal for shielding the archer's eyes from the sun without interfering with the string of the bow.

Although we don't see the crowd full of bucket-hatted heads, it is undeniable that it is the most popular hat within some circles. Even if the bucket hat is not making a completely return to fashion, it is still considered a classic hat and will not disappear soon. In recent years, bucket hats have been designed in so many styles and shapes, it can be worn by all people from children to the elderly. The bucket hat has become an indispensable accessory for most women since the hat adds a stylish vibe to their outfits and makes them look more attractive than before.

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