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Bucket hat is a casual style of hats that are worn by both men and women. In summer, bucket hats are usually made of cotton, canvas or nylon. It is specially designed to protect the head, face and neck from sunburn. Normal bucket hats have a 3.5 to 5 inches deep crown with a 2 inches brim. Of course, the size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the overall shape remains the same. The summer bucket hat usually has two or more side mesh holes to allow air to pass through the fabric and keep your head cool.

The design of bucket hats is not limited to any particular nationality, as many cultures have some form of bucket hats. Because it is a casual hat and is often worn during outdoor activities, the bucket hat is usually made from washable and breathable material. The most popular fabric is cotton, but designers occasionally use other fabrics. Velvet is a popular choice for a dressier fabric, and it is perfect for winter weather, as well as fur or fleece. Wool is another option, providing greater warmth and natural water resistance than cotton.

Bucket hats with embellishments include trim around the brim or crown are very special and popular among people. These can be added to any of the different variations of the bucket hat. Usually, bucket hats for men have fewer decorations than women's hats.  

The bucket hat has evolved from the fishing hat which features a wider brim and chin strap to keep the hat stay put on the head. Reversible hats are another type of bucket hats. They have different colors and patterns on each sides of the hat, which can be worn inside out to show the other fabric. The rolled-up style resembles a bucket hat, but with a wider, stiffer brim. This style of hats has a floppy brim, but the rolled-up brim is firmer so that allows the brim to remain turned up. The brim is also wider than a traditional bucket hat, while provides protection even when the brim is turned up.

The bucket hat is shaped like a bucket, so the brim slopes downward. Bucket hats are sometimes called a fisherman’s hat. A bucket hat is similar to a boonie hat which used by military forces. The design of a boonie hat is similar to a bucket hat, but the brims are stiffer and wider. Sometimes there are a series of loops around the crown of the hat, which used to hold leaves as additional camouflage. Some boonie hats and bucket hats have a chin strap to ensure the stability of the hat especially on windy days. The top of the hat is ventilated with small eyelets or mesh panels.  

Bucket hats come in a variety of colors and patterns that offer you choose from. And, of course, it can be worn by countless street hipsters, film and TV stars and fashion bloggers. Today, bucket hats may be synonymous with early 1990s hip-hop style while it is still one of the most popular hats for men and women.