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The bucket hat is a simple symmetrical style that has been made on several kinds of material but most of them are found in cotton or polyester. It looks like the boonie hat but tends to have a smaller, stingy, down sloping brim. Bucket hats have been popular for nearly a century. They are favored by many hipsters, bloggers, hip-hop singers and celebrities. As a fashion accessory, the bucket hat not only protects you from the sun but also to be a decoration for your outfit. Bucket hats can be worn by both men and women without age and gender limitation. The bucket hat is light with a moderate brim that can block out the sun’s rays from your eyes. Bucket hats come with many different styles and colors that available for you. The following are some different styles of bucket hats that provide you the best protection and add a touch to your look.

  • Classic Black Bucket Hat

This classic black bucket hat is the best way to protect you from the sun and its UV rays. At the same time, the bucket hat looks very cool and it will enhance your overall look. This bucket hat is neither crazy nor outrageously loud in its prints and colors, so whatever you plan to wear, it will go perfectly with your outfit.

  • Canvas Bucket Hat

This white bucket hat is made of canvas which is very lightweight and durable. The fabric is also packable and foldable, which means you can pack it easily and stuff into your pocket or luggage without damaging its shape. The solid color of the hat is perfect for you to match it with everything in your wardrobe, from utilitarian denim overalls to a bikini for summer.

  • Straw Bucket Hat

Straw bucket hats are perfect hats for you to wear in the summer. It provides the same shade and coolness for your head without lacking any of the style. The bucket hat is made of woven paper straws for an eco-friendly touch. It is the best choice for you to spend a long time outside.

  • Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

The tie-dye bucket hat is really popular among young people. The watercolor hues show a very abstract painting that gives off cool and happy vibes. The hat is made of cotton which is very lightweight and durable. You can wear it for a couple of years even your whole lifetime. It features a wide and flat brim that perfectly protects your face, ears and neck from the harsh sun and the harmful UV rays. The design of the bucket hat is really cool and stylish for women to wear in summer.

  • Striped Bucket Hat

The striped bucket hat is designed with versatile patterns, which you can pair it with any color of your clothes. This beige bucket hat looks very refreshable and it will make you look younger. The moderate brim of the hat can protect your eyes, face and ears from the sun and its rays. You can wear it to go shopping, fishing, camping and so on.